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We are not preaching to be the sole solution, however, we have educated many investors some who started as early as 18 and as late as 86. As a brokerage that provides many unique features and is considered to be unconventional and thinking outside the box, the questions we get asked often are what do I invest in and when is a good time to start? The answers are as follows:

  • Invest in ASSETS that produce a healthy ROI and we are of the mind that investing in assets that you can touch and see is always a good idea, hence including a percentage of real estate in your investment portfolio. Investing in real estate without the speculation of appreciation is our philosophy, as appreciation and capital growth are always a bonus! This has been one of the biggest mistakes that an amateur investor will make. Your objective should be investing in real estate that will produce a predictable and consistent ROI for long term and continued growth. We will work with you whether you are a seasoned investor or a beginning one. Our goal is to help you achieve a return with the following in mind to consider: rate of inflation, current tax liability, as well as your portfolio needs.
  • A good time to start is now!! You see the problem with being young is you don't know what it feels like to be old. If the youth of today knew, then they would financially become smarter and plan accordingly. Young or old here is the question you should be asking yourself. "If I continue to do what it is I am currently doing will I create for 'self' and 'family' all that I desire and am capable of achieving?"

So how do you reach your financial balance point where your passive income exceeds your earned income? You must first start by educating yourself and developing a solid foundation of know how. Finance is a mindset as much as it is strategic. Money does not make you wealthy it is the knowledge you accumulate, understanding how to apply that knowledge correctly and implementing that knowledge. If you're reading this, ask yourself how many times have you heard of lottery winners eventually losing their fortune. Why? That's because without the basic foundation for knowing how to grow wealth it cannot be sustained if handed to you. If the world's wealth were to be distributed equally amongst all of us it would only be a matter of time before 10% of the population once again controlled 90% of the worlds wealth!

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